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The Skipper Science app is powered by the Indigenous Sentinel Network software. The Skipper Science app is designed for fishermen to record observations of local fish and wildlife, subsistence resources, and environmental phenomena and anomalies that can provide valuable data over time when collected in a reliable and consistent manner. All data collected is community-owned and privacy protected. All users must have an account prior to  logging observations.


By creating an account, you are joining our Skipper Science “General Observing Program” and giving us permission to contact you (we promise we will not spam you!). You are also giving us permission to anonymously include any observations you log into an annual report authored by the Skipper Science team that you will have access to and be allowed to review and edit prior to publishing on our website (we request your response within 2 weeks of receiving the document from Skipper Science). Any and all use of your data will be kept anonymous during reporting of results. Identifying information will not appear in any deliverable resulting from the Skipper Science Partnership. If there are additional potential uses of data, the Skipper Science team will explicitly request your permission and will not use or share data unless you explicitly grant permission.

Join over three hundred fishermen logging observations!

Make an Impact

Share your stories and expertise! Help supplement other annual surveys conducted in our oceans and provide your invaluable insight.

Engage in Dialouge

Join annual workshops to learn about management needs alongside other fellow fishermen, scientists, and managers

Community Support

Receive one-on-one technical support and learn from other observers in your area. Join mug-up training events hosted every spring.


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