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Nushagak King Mapping Project

The Nushagak King Mapping Project collects data to help address the challenges of fishery closures due to low king salmon returns in the Nushagak and Bristol Bay regions in Alaska. By gaining first-hand knowledge from fishermen about when and where kings are and aren’t showing up in the Nushagak district, this project has the potential to help fisheries managers map and establish king salmon corridors so that sockeye fishing can open earlier in the season in areas outside of king migration corridors. Without participation from community members and fishermen, managers will only have a single source of data to conclude management decisions for years to come.


Nushagak King Mapping Project will generate a broader dataset that can better inform management decisions. This project is a collaboration between Skipper Science, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, and the University of Washington's Alaska Salmon Program.


Reporting Guide

Don't let your insights go unheard! Download the app today and help inform fisheries management in Bristol Bay. Below is a reporting guide to help you get started.

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