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MOANA Water Temperature Sensor Project

Skipper Science Partnership is excited to offer a paid program to fishermen that collects water temperature data in real time through these unobtrusive sensors in collaboration with Ocean Data Network (ODN). Ocean Data Network is the provider of equipment, installation services, and data management and analysis for the temperature sensors themselves and the data collected from them.


The MOANA Project based out of New Zealand is an ocean temperature and conditions monitoring research project. Through this research program and Moana TD temperature sensors in partnership with ZebraTech, they aim to understand better coastal ocean circulation, marine heat waves, and general temperature trends to support the sustainability and growth of seafood industries. These sensors have been used by fishermen around the world in New Zealand, the US East Coast, and Greenland.


Skipper Science Partnership and Ocean Data Network are working together to bring Moana sensors to Alaskan fishermen to easily collect and store ocean temperature data from pots, hook and line fisheries, nets, dive fisheries, and more!

moana sensor
MOANA Sensor

The MOANA TD sensors are entirely self-sufficient and do not require any extra steps while deployed to collect data. The set consists of the sensor itself that gets connected to a pot, line, net, etc. and the solar powered ZebraTech Deck Unit that gets mounted on the vessel itself and stores all the data that is transmitted via bluetooth once the sensor surfaces after being submerged. The sensors collect temperature data every meter up to 200m, and then every 4m from 200m-1000m (their total depth). The deck unit processes data via cellular network or wifi once either are available.  


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