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Data Collection Guides and More Information Below

Skipper Science provides a platform for fishermen to share their observations and expertise with scientists and policymakers in order to better inform fisheries management and collaboratively build climate-resilient fisheries. In addition to participating in the general observation reporting program, the app provides opportunities for fishermen to participate in targeted research projects by being able to directly participate in data collection related to specific research priorities.

Targeted Research Projects & Training Guides



Nushagak King Mapping Project

For Nushagak fishermen interested in contributing spatial and temporal data on king salmon in the Nushagak.


Black Cod Stomach Content Project

For longline fleets interested in supporting research on feeding habits and food web shifts of sablefish in Alaska's Eastern Gulf.


Seabird Gillnet Interaction Project

Partnership with the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF). Work is focused on understanding seabird interactions with gillnet fisheries.


Moana Water Temperature Sensors

Collaboration with Ocean Data Network to easily collect and store ocean temperature data with Moana sensors.

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By submitting your information, you're giving us permission to email you. Any information you share will be kept anonymous during reporting of results. Names will not appear in any report or paper resulting from the Skipper Science Partnership unless explicit permission is granted.

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