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Our Mission:

Skipper Science aims to center communities in fisheries management by connecting fishermen and scientists in order to support resilient fisheries and build trust.
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“Fishermen have been informally observing and documenting climate-related fisheries impacts for decades, and as anyone who spends time on the water can attest, the changes are more dramatic, with greater impact on the environment and livelihoods than ever before. The Skipper Science project recognizes this and is working to connect this lived experience with cutting-edge technology. Our hope is that the program can serve as a vital new source of data to help drive better decisions when it comes to fisheries management and habitat protection.”

Lindsey Bloom, SalmonState

Data are tools for change

Who else knows more about changing ocean conditions than those who make their living on the water? By submitting data from the fishing grounds we can better understand, maintain, and protect our fisheries in the face of shifting ecosystems and declines in fisheries health. Data can be used to detect environmental changes, inform fishery management, and push for policy action. Use your expertise to inform the science. Join today!

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