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Annual Reports


2023 Season Report

Highlights from the 2023 season include:

  • Over 300 fishermen have signed up for the program since 2021

  • 4 targeted research programs run with industry, scientist, government agencies, and fishermen as partners that provided payment to participating fishermen 

  • 173 general observation data entries completed in the SkipperScience app 

  • 13 outreach events and presentations across Alaska and Washington


2022 Season Report

  • Over 150 fishermen signing on to participate in the partnership 

  • 80 environmental and biological observations collected

  • Observations from across the state of Alaska; including Southeast, the Gulf of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Bristol Bay, and many points in between.  

  • Bringing science, fishery managers, and fishermen together during a workshop hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center. The workshop was attended by 18 fishermen and 22 scientists from various disciplines. 


Summer 2021 – Pilot Season Report

Highlights from the 2021 program include:

  • 100 fishermen signed up for the program

  • 19 Alaska-based fishing trade organizations supported and endorsed the program, demonstrating strong interest from the industry

  • 1,697 fishermen provided their opinions on climate change via phone interviews

  • 49 data entries completed in the SkipperScience app by participants

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